Career Summary

Jaehoon Lee, PhD, is a medical informaticist at Intermountain Healthcare and an assistant adjunct professor of Biomedical informatics at the University of Utah School of Medicine. He earned his PhD in Industrial Engineering and has expertise in applied statistics and workflow management technologies.

Dr. Lee specializes in visualization approaches and tools using electronic health record data and other statistical methods to analyze clinical workflow. He also specializes in the implementation of patient-facing family health history collection and risk assessment tools.

He is a member of the American Medical Informatics Association and Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association. Dr. Lee is also the recipient of the Award of Distinction for Open Source Software from the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economics in 2008 and the winner of the RootsTech Developer Challenge in 2013.

Areas of Focus

  • Data visualization and dashboard
  • Clinical research informatics
  • Physician order sets
  • Clinical element model
  • HL7 and FHIR

Significance to Patient Care

Dr. Lee has done several data analytics and visualizatin projects to provide clinicians an intuitive way of understanding clinical data at Intermountain Healthcare to improve patient care. His order set dashboard is a tool providing a visual exploration of complicated order sets to help clinicians and clinical programs to understand their usage, find patterns, and improve them by optimization and standardization.

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