Intermountain Healthcare is committed to the decarbonization of its fleet vehicles as well as encouraging the use of alternative fueled vehicles by staff and community members in order to strive for the cleanest and healthiest air possible.

To support a transition towards cleaner fueled vehicles, in 2019 Intermountain Healthcare launched a two phase project to install over 80 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across their owned healthcare facilities. This project was completed in December of 2021.

Though a few Tesla charging stations do exist at some Intermountain sites, the vast majority of Intermountain’s EV charging stations are maintained by ChargePoint.

Users of Intermountain’s ChargePoint EV charging stations will need to create a profile to use the charging stations.

Sign up and/or login information can be found here.

Due to the need to cover operating and maintenance cost as well as energy costs associated with these EV charging stations, Intermountain is requiring a nominal cost be applied to any usage.

Current rates for usage are .50 cents per hour for the first two hours. Starting the third hour, rates will increase to $10 per hour going forward.

These rates have been established to not only help with associated costs to the organization, but to encourage individuals to not remain parked in the EV charging station parking space when not in use. With hundreds of vehicles visiting Intermountain Healthcare sites, it’s important that any staff or visiting community member having an EV have the ability to charge as needed.

If you have any question, comments, or want to report an EV charging station with an issue, please contact us at:

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