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10 Ideas for Cancer Care Packages

10 Ideas for Cancer Care Packages

By Bonnie Char Hallman

Aug 23, 2016

Updated Nov 17, 2023

5 min read

Care package

These ideas were gathered from real patients, we’ve collected a care package list:
  1. Journal – this is a great way to not only document the treatment process, but it allows for patients to unwind and destress.
  2. Chewing gum or candy - a lot of the times the medicine used in treatment can leave an aftertaste. Gum or candy can help mask that!
  3. Lip balm – a side effect to treatment can often lead to dry lips. This can help with that!
  4. Book/DVD – these can help pass the time in the hospital or I/V chair. A great substitute can be a book of puzzles and other mental stimulation games.
  5. Pillow – there is nothing like a good night’s sleep to energize the body. Make sure this happens with a quality pillow.
  6. Blanket – to keep warm during treatment or in the hospital. A soft blanket also offers comfort.
  7. Gift card – this can be for a free month of Netflix or iTunes gift card. Both are good for the soul!
  8. Hand sanitizer – keeping the germs away is key.
  9. Water – hydration is crucial during treatment. Find a fun water bottle you think they would like.
  10. Coupons for house work – treatment can be exhausting leaving house chores to second priority. Offer to clean dishes, do laundry, or vacuum sometimes it is the little things that mean the most.

Try our list or add your own! Give a little love and light to our warrior friends. No one fights alone!

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