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    11 Truths of Motherhood

    11 Truths of Motherhood

    Mommy Truths

    Our friend Kathy at wrote a great post and we wanted to share with you! In 11 quick points she reminds us of how awesome it is to be a mother and how awesome you are at it – even in the tough times. Here it is in it's entirety, thank you Kathy! 

    Isn’t motherhood awesome? As great as motherhood is, there are some days you have to take a long hard look at it for what it is. Don’t sugarcoat it and just look at the simple truths. I wanted to share 11 simple truths about motherhood.

    #1. Kids are awesome

    You will have good days and bad days with your kids, but when you boil it down at the end of the day. Kids are just plain awesome.

    #2. Motherhood is exhausting

    Sometimes you see those moms that seem to have endless energy. However, motherhood is exhausting. It’s not just you, it’s everyone.

    #3. Your body will never be the same

    Sure, you may work hard at it and have a pretty amazing body post-motherhood—but from my calculations, there are just certain parts of my body that will never be the same.

    #4. Your kids will adore you

    It’s safe to say that moms mess up on a daily basis. We yell too much, freak out too much, sometimes you just need to remember your kids adore you. No matter what, you’re their mom and they love you.

    #5. It’s hard to be a mom

    While certain parts of motherhood come easily, sometimes it’s hard to be a mom. It is okay to recognize that motherhood can be hard.

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    #6. Time flies

    In the beginning, it is safe to say that time seems to have slowed down a bit. However, when your biggest child turns 5,6, or 7— it’s like time has just flown by and you don’t know where it went.

    #7. Take it a moment at a time

    Although it seems as though 100 years is a long time, the moments will go by quickly. When you feel overwhelmed with all that motherhood has to offer, remember to take it one moment at a time.

    #8. Your kids will grow up, eventually

    Isn’t this hard to wrap your head around? Those kids that you know as your babies are going to grow up and make you super proud.

    #9. There is always room to learn

    A simple, but sobering thought is that you can always learn. Some moms think they need to know everything from the start, but there is always time to learn something new. Don’t feel like you have to know it all from the start.

    Finally, for the last two simple truths about motherhood.

    #10. & #11. You are not screwing it up and you can always ask for help!

    Don’t ever feel like you are just a total screw up as a mom and don’t forget to ask for help when you need it. These two final truths will help you keep your sanity.