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    3 Breast Pumps, But Which is Best?

    3 Breast Pumps, But Which is Best?

    Electric 20Breast 20Pump text
    My question seems retorical. Yes, I know what your going to use it for, but are you going to be using it for just a night out, or are you going to be separated from your baby for a prolonged time? Your answers will make a difference on my answer.  
    1. Hand pumps. If your only going to be using a pump for an occassional night out, or just away for a few hours at a time. The advantages of a hand pump, is that it is power supplied by your muscles. They are small, inexpensive, but take a llittle longer to use than other pumps. These pumps work well to draw out inverted nipples or to relieve mild engorgement. 

    2. Battery or small electric pumps. These pumps are for occasional use. The advantages are that they are less expensive than the larger pumps and are easily portable. Some women find them more convenient to use than the hand pumps. They aren't as effective as larger pumps, and may have problems with poor suction from battery failure. With most of these 
    pumps, you must release the suction frequently while pumping to prevent nipple damage.

    3. Double-Electric pumps. These are for maintaining your milk if you need to separated from your baby for a prolonged time because of illness, or are trying to increase your milk supply, or need to relieve severe engorgement, or are working full-time. These are very efficient at emptying the breast, are easy to use, and are the most comfortable. They save time and help to maintain milk supply by pumping both breast at the same time. They are more expensive to buy, but can be rented. Even though they may seem expensive it is still cheaper to rent or buy a quality pump than buy formula. 
    So...even though my question seemed a little out of place at the first, there are many things to consider. One other thing to consider is what  quality you would like.  You may want to talk to a lactation consultant about your 
    pumping needs. Good luck and enjoy your baby.