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    5 Tips for Moving to a New House While Pregnant

    5 Tips for Moving to a New House While Pregnant

    moving while pregnant
    If you’re pregnant and on the move Nurse Dani has a few suggestions to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

    An increase in activity can increase chance of contractions: While packing and moving boxes from location to location you’re increasing your physical activity, which may kick-off contractions. Take your time and don’t overdo it – don’t be shy about accepting help. One way to help is to stay organized and don’t procrastinate. You may feel like you need to do more than you need to when crunch time comes.

    • Stay hydrated – While you’re up and moving around take time to stay well hydrated. If you become dehydrated that too can cause contractions.
    • Plan prenatal appointment before you move – If there is time before the move, make time to have a prenatal appointment right before you move so you can be seen and make sure everything is ok. You may receive guidance around physical activity and information about finding a new doctor.
    • Stay on schedule with appointments – You’ll want to stay on track with your appointments. Once you’ve moved and are settled start looking for a new OB and make an appointment. They will request your medical information
    • Get familiar with hospitals in your new area – Odds are you’re moving away from your normal network of hospitals and clinics. Take a moment to find the nearest hospital and OB’s office in case you need to make a quick dash to either facility.
    • Have your hospital bag ready – If you’re moving relatively close to your delivery date have your hospital bag packed and in a convenient location. Be ready in case baby decides to come meet you earlier than planned.