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    Get Outside and Play! The Benefits of Parks for Kids

    Get Outside and Play! The Benefits of Parks for Kids


    Your local park is a great way to get the kids outside and improve their mental and physical health!

    Parks are great places to bond with your kids and get outside. Playing around at a local park gives your family a great workout, and it's fun – also free!

    Health Benefits of Going to the Park

    · It's a great place for discovery and growth.

    · Growing up, your imagination is at its peak. From building a fort to exploring uncharted territory, kids can discover the world around them and let their imagination run wild. Parks are a great place for kids to discover nature and exercise their imagination!

    · Connecting with family.

    · While kids may feel connected with nature at a park, it also brings quality family time. Families can connect with one another without the distraction of TV's or crazy to-do lists.

    · Providing a sense of adventure.

    Every trip to the park brings new things to see and discover. While kids play, they may gain a sense of accomplishment from challenges met outdoors, which can lead to greater self-confidence and self-worth. Developing a sense for wildlife, natural resources and open spaces can come from a successful adventure in your local park.

    Must Visit Utah Parks

    · Sugarhouse Park – This park is perfect for family gatherings and great exercise. There is a duck pond, plenty of green grass to run around on and they have the perfect sledding hills in the winter!

    · City Creek Park – This smaller park has a beautiful stream, a good amount of shade and is a great place to hang out and relax with family. Located in Downtown Salt Lake City, it's a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and discover nature.

    · Murray Park – Murray Park is large park in the heart of Salt Lake City. With big pavilions, it's a great place to pack a picnic for the whole family. There are hills to roll down, a river, playgrounds and huge trees, perfect place for a family adventure!

    · Orem Community Park – Between the baseball fields, the tennis courts and the playgrounds, it's hard to get bored at this park. Large spaces for family gatherings and grills at the pavilions if you want to BBQ.

    · South Ogden City Friendship Park – This park has large open areas for running around, playing soccer or throwing a Frisbee. Great place to gather for summertime events and to get outside with the family.

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