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Transforming Healthcare

Can the Telemedicine Space Inform Interoperability?

By Intermountain Healthcare

Feb 23, 2017


Jamey Edwards recently visited with Intermountain’s Todd Dunn and discussed Cloudbreak’s unique approach to providing an open source telehealth platform and services. One stunner from their conversation was how telemedicine platforms can inform interoperability in other areas of healthcare.



Consider this, most hospitals and health systems have already invested in some form of video capable communication. These platforms are largely able to connect to one another—something that EHR’s are still wont to do; and health exchanges haven’t filled the interoperability niche.

If organizations using disparate video communications tools can be linked together to conduct telemedicine, what can we learn from that model to increase interoperability between EHRs? By incorporating Cloudbreak’s ideas into other areas of healthcare, we’re likely to do more breakdancing and less breaking.



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