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    Couple proves working out together helps

    Saide and Bob Hosale thank Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness Centers for being a key part of their transformation

    Sadie and Bob with Tara

    By Skooter Byrnes

    For Sadie and Bob Hosale, the Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness Centers have been a cornerstone in the couple's transformative journey towards better health. A colleague's recommendation led them to explore the offerings at centers, marking the start of a life-altering experience.

    Sadie and Bob were initially drawn to the personalized health approach at the centers. Sadie reflects, "The center's tranquil setting is just the beginning. It’s the tailored care and attention from the staff that truly sets it apart."

    At the Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness Center, they were greeted by highly qualified Exercise Physiologists. Sadie praises the team by saying, "They’re not just trainers; they are experts who've truly enriched our exercise experience."

    Since joining, the Hosales have seen remarkable improvements in their health. Simple tasks like climbing stairs are no longer an issue for them. Sadie has even taken up skiing, something she once thought was impossible, and Bob has returned to the slopes with a renewed passion and almost no fear of injury.

    Bob has also experienced significant relief from shoulder pain, which means he doesn't need Cortisol injections anymore. "My shoulder strength is like never before. It feels amazing," he exclaims. Additionally, their work with the center's dietitian has played a crucial role in their wellness journey, addressing dietary needs alongside their fitness regimen, underscoring the center's comprehensive approach to lifestyle medicine.

    The benefits of the couple's commitment extends into their personal lives too. Their exercise sessions have evolved into exciting date nights, fostering a deeper connection between them. "We support each other in every class—it’s become a source of motivation for both of us," Bob notes. Their weekends are now filled with shared activities, from walks and hikes to skiing, all inspired by their experiences at Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness Center.

    Tara Giberson, an Exercise Physiologist at the center in Park City, commends their dedication. "Witnessing Sadie and Bob's transformation has been a true testament to the spirit of the centers. They are a model of the life-changing results our centers strives to provide," said Giberson.

    As proven by the Hosales, the Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness Centers are more than a place for medical treatment. They're a hub where lives are revitalized, relationships are fortified, and a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to health flourishes. It stands as a beacon for those seeking to enhance their quality of life through informed lifestyle and behavioral changes.

    If you'd like to experience big changes like this, reach out to your closest Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness Center today.

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