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    Fueling for Strength Running Workouts vs Endurance Workouts

    Fueling for Strength Running Workouts vs Endurance Workouts


    Keep in mind you will more than likely burn less calories in your strength workout so you will have less calories to replace.  But then again, having more muscle leads to burning more calories overall.  It’s a balancing act nonetheless. 

    One of the main differences in fueling before a strength workout versus fueling before an endurance workout is protein.  Protein before a strength workout will help stimulate protein synthesis and help increase strength gains. 

    The important macro-nutrient to incorporate before an endurance workout are easy-to-digest carbohydrates.  Too much protein before an endurance workout can make you feel heavy and may cause gastrointestinal distress due to taking longer to digest.

    Remember, fueling pre-strength or pre-endurance workouts will help you make improvements in your overall number of reps or time.  You can start a workout without fueling beforehand, but if your goal is to get better, you need to eat something. 

    A common misconception is if you do not eat before a workout you will automatically tap into your fat stores.  This is only true if you are doing an aerobic exercise at low intensity.  Listen to your body and fuel accordingly.  If you find yourself hungry during either a strength or an endurance workout, eat something to fuel through the rest of the workout.

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