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    How Infused Water Can Help You Stay Hydrated

    How Infused Water Can Help You Stay Hydrated

    How Infused Water Can Help You Stay Hydrated

    You know the best way to stay hydrated is a tall cool glass of water, but when you get thirsty, it’s often tempting to reach for a cold soda or sports drink. The problem is, they come with a dose of sugar and empty calories your body doesn’t really need.

    So how do you encourage yourself to put down the soda and choose water instead? Try infused water!

    One of the best things about infused water is you can use just about anything for flavor, and it’s natural. The more fruit, spice, or vegetable you use in your infusion, the stronger the flavor. And the flavor combinations are nearly endless!

    Here are a few ideas you can try today:

    Infused water combo ideas:

    Cucumber + Watermelon + Mint

    Raspberry + Lemon

    Strawberry + Kiwi + Basil

    Orange + Carrot

    Cantaloupe + Vanilla

    Pineapple + Coconut

    Grapefruit + Rosemary

    The list could go on and on, but this should work to get you started. Alone, each one of these flavors offers a very distinct flavor — and things can get amazing when you start to combine them!

    How to Infuse Water

    Pick which ingredients you’d like to use. You can slice your ingredients or put them in whole. Obviously, with fruits like coconut, pineapple, melons, or citrus, it works best to slice them before adding them to your water. With berries and fresh herbs, it’s okay to add them whole.

    Once you have your ingredients prepared, add them to a one- to two-quart pitcher or jar. Let the mixture soak for at least 15 minutes, although typically letting it soak for an hour or more gives you the best overall flavor. Remember that some fruits with peels like oranges or lemons can get a little bitter after several hours, so you may not want to let them soak quite as long.

    Infusing Tips:

    • Remember to wash your ingredients very well before adding them to the water.
    • Muddling or grinding the ingredients can help to release more flavor. Do this carefully so you don’t end up with a messy mash.
    • Want to make things a little more fancy? Try infusing sparkling water for a little extra flare!
    With infused water, it doesn’t really matter how you do it. All that matters is staying hydrated with something tasty, refreshing, and natural. Cheers!

    Video Instructions:

    Watch this video to learn more about how to infuse water, as well as a few more ideas for ingredients.