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How Massage Therapy Can Help With Post-surgery Scarring

Discover how massage therapy aids post-surgery scarring, promoting healing and reducing swelling.

By Intermountain Healthcare

May 1, 2023

Updated Jul 26, 2023

5 min read

Person with post-surgery scars

Having scars after surgery may be perfectly normal, but there is something easy you can do to minimize it.

Massage Therapy from a License Massage Therapist can actually stop scar tissue from forming as the body continues to heal.

It can also promote the flow of blood through soft tissue, which brings nutrients to the right areas of your body and encourages healing which letting your skin become more stretchy to avoid more scarring.

Massage also reduces swelling by moving excess fluids from where you had surgery.

It has also been shown to help with tingling, numbness, and sensitivity which helps you regain feeling to the affected area.

Finally, massage can dramatically improve the appearance of a scar, especially when cupping methods are used to bring nutrient rich blood flow to the area where you had surgery, which promotes better healing.

It's easy to book an appointment with one of our Licensed Massage Therapists who can help you reduce and improve the appearance of post-surgery scarring. Click below to book an appointment with a licensed massage therapist.