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    Intermountain Healthcare Announces Formation of New Precision Medicine Company

    Intermountain Healthcare Announces Formation of New Precision Medicine Company

    Genomics testing
    Precision medicine is a personalized approach to testing, diagnosing, and treating cancer. Navican incorporates Intermountain Precision Genomics process of analyzing the genetic makeup of a patient’s cancer, then employing a team of skilled molecular tumor specialists to review each test and determine how to most effectively treat that cancer case. This team approach gives oncologists the information and support they need to prepare a customized, targeted treatment plan for each patient.

    “Navican gives new hope to patients and their families,” says Lincoln Nadauld, MD, PhD, executive director of Precision Genomics at Intermountain Healthcare, and Navican advisor. “Using advanced cancer-fighting tools such as the Navican tests, we give physicians confidence in knowing they are doing everything that is available to them to provide the best possible care for patients.”

    Navican will provide physicians

    • The capability to test and provide treatment for the greatest number of actionable gene mutation types, offering the most advanced next-generation sequencing available through Intermountain Healthcare's integrated system.
    • Access to limited distribution and specialty drugs for patients.
    • Using a groundbreaking sequencing test to find and target individual mutations within cancer tumors.
    • Testing developed Intermountain Healthcare giving oncologists more confidence in determining exactly which gene mutations are causing the cancer, allowing for more precise drug treatment.
    • A precision medicine option with far fewer side-effects than standard chemotherapy, increasing the quality of life for people diagnosed with cancer who previously didn’t have any options left to try.

    The promise of precision medicine through targeted therapies is real. However, only a small percentage of the population is seeing improvements from personalized treatment options. “We have reached a time where diagnostic and therapeutic technologies can become a synergistic, clinical portfolio used to aid in the management and wellbeing of community based cancer patients, and that’s precisely what we are going to do,” said Chakravarty.

    Navican is focused on combining targeted therapies with rapid improvements in technology and research to make precision medicine a viable solution for everyone with cancer.

    “The partnership between Intermountain Healthcare and Navican will help physicians across the world provide high quality solutions at more sustainable costs,” says Marc Harrison, MD, president and chief executive officer at Intermountain Healthcare. “Cancer is personal and Intermountain Healthcare and Navican are creating solutions that enable individualized care for each person. This means better results for those of us needing care now and for generations to come.”

    Ingo Chakravarty, a 26-year senior executive of the health industry, has been named as the President and CEO of Navican. Chakravarty will be responsible for leading a team who works with physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare leaders to find treatments and clinical trial options patients wouldn’t have had access to previously. Chakravarty said Navican is also committed to advancing research and education to influence how the industry can collectively use insights to find new discoveries and sustainable solutions. 

    Chakravarty spent the last two decades building global business in the in-vitro diagnostic marketplace, holding senior leadership positions at Gen-Probe, Roche Diagnostics, Ventana Medical Systems and most recently as Senior Vice President and General Manager, International at GenMark Diagnostics. “While I focused on diagnostic solutions in Infectious Diseases during my last five years in the industry, I am glad to be back in the field of oncology where I spent the majority of my professional life and most importantly where my passion is,” Chakravarty said.