Intermountain Precision Genomics provides a personalized approach to testing, diagnosing, and treating cancer.

With a team of cancer specialists and national leaders in cancer research, our tests look at the genetic makeup of each person to test for hereditary cancer with HerediGene and find individualized treatment options with ICG100.


Our team approach gives oncologists the information and support they need to prepare a customized, targeted treatment plan and deliver the highest-quality care at some of the lowest costs in the nation, all while helping patients to live the healthiest lives possible.


Our Services


Cancer Genomics Testing

ICG100™ can help providers recommend a plan of treatment tailored to the patient. This could include traditional therapy, infusions, or targeted drug therapies.

Hereditary Cancer Testing

HerediGene™ can help you and your family to be aware of genetic cancer risks and protect the ones you love the most.