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Making the Holidays Merry

Making the Holidays Merry

By Tazia Taylor

Nov 30, 2016

Updated Jul 13, 2023

5 min read


Here are 10 ideas to enjoy the season:

1.      Accept that this year will be different, but it doesn’t have to be worse. Happy, intimate times with family or friends can be much more meaningful than loud, crazy parties with the whole neighborhood. A tender backrub can be much more appreciated than expensive, showy gifts.

2.      Choose what is important. If the family Christmas card is truly an integral part of your happiness, then make sure that happens. If cinnamon rolls light up your world, make sure those stay in the plan or try something new!

3.      Simplify. Focus on things that bring you joy and feeds your spirit.

4.      Let others help. Family and friends are probably already asking what they can do. Make a list of tasks and let people check them off.

5.      Prepare family and friends before getting together. Your loved one may have changed quite a bit since the last visit. Let your guests know what to expect and how your sweetheart would like to be treated.

6.      Offer gift suggestions. Music, CDs or books may be more appropriate than sausage and cheese plates. Choose a home-cooked meal for the freezer or an hour of cleaning rather than a pickle ball racquet.  Gift ideas for the caregiver may have changed as well.

7.      Celebrate the good. Look for the good and be grateful for it.

8.      Be flexible. Celebrate the good days. Take naps when you need to!

9.      Take time for yourself. Whether that’s a hot bath or sitting by the Christmas tree, slow down and appreciate this time.

10.   Enjoy! Don’t stress over what “should be,” rob you of the joy that is present. 

Did we miss one that works for you? Let us know!