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McKinsey on Healthcare Podcast Talks Intermountain Leadership

McKinsey on Healthcare Podcast Talks Intermountain Leadership

By Intermountain Healthcare

Nov 21, 2017

Updated Nov 17, 2023

5 min read


Intermountain Healthcare president and CEO Marc Harrison, MD, recently appeared on the “McKinsey on Healthcare” podcast. The wide-ranging interview focused on several aspects of healthcare and the future of Intermountain.

Healthcare has gone through major changes nationally and continues to move in an ever-changing shape. Brendan Buescher, host of McKinsey on Healthcare podcast, asked Dr. Harrison on how to be able to be agile in the midst of the fundamental healthcare changes.

“Things are happening so fast that the question is, ‘How fast can your team move and still communicate through the organization?’ It isn't even about pacing the change. It's about making sure that you actually can move at safe, maximal speed, not lose folks along the way. And that's really around communication—and connection of the evolved business model to everything that has come before. You know, making that connection to great history, great past, but recognize that even if you're doing well you don't have the luxury of wasting any time,” Dr. Harrison said on the podcast.

The podcast discussions ranged from consumerism, building the leadership team, community health and Intermountain’s future.

“Our mandate is to be a model system. And the question then becomes what does a model system look like in 2017 versus 1975, when Intermountain started? And in order to meet that mandate, what you're going to see us doing is emphasizing the consumer in some pretty profound ways,” Dr. Harrison. “So, I am going to try as hard as I can to disrupt our operating model internally without disrupting our mission, vision, and our commitment to the people who work at Intermountain.”

The entire podcast can be found on McKinsey & Company’s website.