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    Pregnancy Brain Is Not A Myth

    Pregnancy Brain Is Not A Myth


    One in three women experience unexpected changes ranging from bladder weakness to memory loss, and half of those affected feel too embarrassed to share their experience with anyone, even though these changes can be very normal part of pregnancy.

    One of those unexpected changes can be Pregnancy Brain. No, pregnancy brain is not a myth. Pregnancy brain exists. You may have noticed it when you start to talk and then. . . oh, yes, forget the rest of your sentence.

    The cause:
    A theory is that some of your body’s fuel is now being directed to your baby’s growth, so your brain reconstructs brain pathways to accommodate for the approximately 4 percent brain shrinkage during pregnancy. Also the increase in the progesterone hormone creates what women describe as “brain fog.”

    The relief:
    Don’t worry, it’s not permanent! Your brain does return to its original size within six months after the birth of your baby. You will get your thoughts back and be able to form complete sentences again. Often during a pregnancy visit, when I ask a woman a question, she cannot recall the answer and looks to her partner to answer it. So, during the pregnancy, it may be helpful to write things down more or even share information with others so they can help you remember the information you might forget.

    When to worry:
    Forgetting thoughts throughout the day and not being able to finish your sentence can be normal for everyone; pregnant women just do it more often. However, if you or people around you notice this happening more than usual, stress and/or anxiety could be making this worse. Please call your provider, so you can function better and maintain a healthy pregnancy.