Two-person Medicine Ball Workout

Medicine ball workout built for two

In order to do these exercises you may use a variety of different weighted ball; I like to use a six-pound ball. All of these exercises are mostly for the upper body and can be done at home, but for these specific exercises you need a partner. Do the exercises as a circuit, one after the other. Repeat all four exercises three times.

If you need help on how to do these exercises, I did a demonstration with KUTV’s Ron Bird this past week. Feel free to check out the video.

The ball toss

  1. Begin with your legs a little wider than shoulder width apart
  2. Hold the ball with two hands, standing six to ten feet apart from your partner
  3. Lower the ball between your legs and toss the ball to your partner
  4. Toss the ball back and forth for 60 seconds
  5. Rest for 45 seconds

Bounce passes

Bounce passes engage the arms, especially the triceps.

  1. Holding the ball with both hands, raise both arms above the head
  2. Bounce the ball on the ground to your partner, bending slightly at the knees
  3. Pass the ball back and forth for 60 seconds
  4. Rest for 45 second

To make this exercise more enjoyable, you can turn it into a contest to see who can bounce the ball the highest while still maintaining good form.

Back-to-back pass off

  1. Stand back-to-back with your partner with your feet shoulder width apart
  2. With your feet planted to the ground and your core tight, rotate your body to the right to pass the ball off to your partner. He will receive the ball on his left
  3. Once your partner has the ball, he will rotate to his right and pass the ball off to you on your left
  4. Repeat this same motion for 60 seconds
  5. Rest for 45 seconds.

Medicine ball push up

  1. Both you and your partner get in the push up position facing each other three to four feet apart
  2. Begin with your left hand on the ground and your right hand on the top of the medicine ball
  3. Do one pushup. Roll the ball to your left hand, do another pushup, and roll the ball diagonally to your partner’s left hand
  4. Continue for 60 seconds.

Rest for 45 seconds