Early Signs of Pregnancy – What to look for


No one likes to wonder if they’re pregnant.  For thousands of years people have searched for definitive ways to confirm a suspected pregnancy as soon as possible.  MentalFloss.com tells of many different methods used throughout history to do this, as far back as 1350 BCE in Ancient Egypt.  While the effectiveness of the pregnancy tests listed here may be arguable, thankfully civilization has learned a bit since then.

I’ve created a video to clear up signs of pregnancy questions some of the questions on this matter.


Most studies have shown that women start to feel the early signs of pregnancy somewhere between 5-8 weeks of pregnancy. About 60% of women in a particular study felt symptoms by 5-6 weeks, meaning 5-6 weeks from their last period. Almost all the women were feeling symptoms by 8 weeks. Some of the most common early signs of pregnancy are:

  • Nausea (with or without vomiting)
  • Food aversions or food cravings
  • Extra fatigue, not having a period (obviously)
  • Breast enlargement or tenderness
  • Even mood changes and sometimes light-headedness.

Other symptoms can be present, but these are the most common symptoms. If you are pregnant and start to have any vaginal bleeding, be sure to talk to your OB provider and they can check you out and decide what's causing it and tell you more about what's going on.  

Still unsure, you can check with many Intermountain Healthcare clinics around Utah for a pregnancy test and conversation with a clinician.

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