Helping Kids Set Goals With Vision Boards


Teaching kids how to set goals and getting them to learn the importance of goal setting can be a very beneficial tool to help them throughout life. Goal setting teaches a number of things. It teaches responsibility for outcomes – both good and bad – and the process of having time management skills. By showing children their strengths and talents it helps boost their self-esteem. Teach your kids to set goals at an early age by getting them to assist you with YOUR goal setting by setting up some fun goal-setting activities. One way to engage and really show kids how to set goals is by creating vision boards.

How to Create a Vision Board


  1. First, gather your supplies. Collect magazines, photos, glue, stickers, scissors, markers, and poster board to start. Next have them write down a couple of goals that are specific, measurable, and attainable. It is important to teach them about realistic goal setting and give them timelines so that they can see results – this will lead to success. Once simple and short-term goals have been set, move on to more long-term goal-setting. Creating success leads to increased self-confidence and is important for building a strong foundation and the desire to continue.
  2. Now that the goal list is done, have the child write their goals on the poster board, or use letters from a magazine to spell out the words. Have them place the goals in a variety of places in no particular order.
  3. Then, ask the child to come up with steps that will help them achieve that goal. Make lists, which will then be used in the next step.
  4. Now, the fun begins! Give the kids a stack of magazines or photos. Have them find pictures that represent each of the goals and have them start arranging the pictures around each goal on the poster board. This is going to help them visualize the steps necessary to achieve each goal.
  5. Last, but not least, are the stickers! Stickers are used when the goal or step towards the goal has been achieved. As the process continues, discuss any areas of concern with the child to help them stay on task and not get frustrated. Hang the vision boards around where the child will see them, on the fridge or their bedroom door.

Remember: this should be a fun activity to help your kids achieve success!