Drink More Water


Did you know that if you ate or drank an extra 100 calories per day, you could gain 10 pounds in one year? Even though 100 calories per day does not seem that significant, it can have a big effect over time. This is why it is important to be aware of where you are getting your calories from on a daily basis, including beverages.

Common high calorie beverages include:

Sodas, lemonade, alcohol, fruit and vegetable juices, energy drinks, sweet teas, mochas, shakes, hot chocolate, etc.

Benefits of drinking water:

Focusing on drinking more water is not only a good way to eliminate excess calories, but there are several other health benefits to water. These benefits can include maintaining fluid balance in the body, balancing calories, keeps your skin looking good, maintaining normal bowel functions and keeping muscles energized.

How much water should you drink?

The best test to tell if you are hydrated is to look at the color of your urine. If your urine is a dark yellow color then you are dehydrated but if your urine is a clear yellow color than you are getting enough fluids. The Institute of Medicine recommends for men to drink 13 cups of water per day and that women should drink 9 cups of water per day, but the urine test is still a great way to check in with your hydration status.

Here are some ways to drink more water and make it more flavorful WITHOUT adding calories:

  1. Add your own flavor – watermelon chunks, mint, cucumber, strawberries, lemon, lime or orange slices
  2. Add something spice – chili peppers or crushed red peppers
  3. Download an app to help track your water intake (Waterlogged)
  4. Use your phone – Schedule reminders to help you drink more water
  5. Carry it with you – invest in a reusable water bottle
  6. Money – think of the money you are saving by drinking water instead of spending it on drinks