Boost Your Body's Energy

Energy Foods

Do you sometimes struggle with a lack of energy that keeps you from doing all the things you want to do? If you wonder what your life would be like with more energy, there are steps you can take to achieve it. Think about what you can do to LiVe Well... we have some ideas. 

First, consider foods that provide energy to the body. Food that grows in a garden, and reaches above ground toward the sun will obtain energy from the sun, and contain more chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps blood cells produce energy. When we eat food that contains energy, we transfer that energy into our bodies. Foods that contain chlorophyll include broccoli, celery, kale, romaine lettuce, parsley, and spinach. Most of these are easy to grow in a backyard garden.

Other foods that can help with energy include:

  • Almonds, which contain magnesium. Magnesium improves the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout the body.
  • Legumes, (beans, peas, and lentils) are good for your kidneys and help to stabilize blood sugar. They provide a more “grounded” type of energy.
  • Celery and cucumbers, are whole foods that help to hydrate your body resulting in increased energy. Our bodies are 75% water, and hydration is energizing.
  • Complex carbohydrates, such as whole wheat and brown rice contain serotonin, which boosts your mood and energy levels.
  • Dark chocolate, in small amounts, can boost your energy and mood. Just remember to eat a small piece rather than an entire bar. For optimum health benefits, looks for a minimum of 60% raw cocoa.

In addition to food, there are many factors that contribute to energy levels, such as water consumption and sleep. If you are sleep-deprived or don’t drinks enough water then you should consider some lifestyle changes. Aim for at least eight hours of sleep each night. Set an alarm on your phone every hour during the day to remind you to drink more water.

Avoid energy thieves such as pre-packaged, processed foods. These foods often contain added chemicals and preservatives needed to prolong shelf-life, but not your life. Watch out for caffeine, nicotine, sugar, and energy drinks. Unfortunately, those are temporary energy boosters often leave you more tired than before you started. Coffee and tea are fine in moderation, but not if you are drinking them all day long.

Remember, in order to get energized, eat more whole foods and less processed foods, get at least eight hours of sleep each night, and drink more water. For more tips and living well, visit