Wake Up! Get your midday pick-me-up without the caffeine.


1.     1. Take a lap. Whether it be 10-15 minute brainstorm walk outside or a couple rounds around the office, moving around will help fight off afternoon fatigue.

2.     2. Stimulate your brain. Take a break from your work and do some Sudoku or a crossword puzzle. If creativity is more your thing, pick up a coloring book (they make them for adults now) and keep it in your desk when you feel stuck.

3.     3. Snack away. Eating a large, carb-filled lunch can make you crash in a couple of hours. Try eating light meals throughout the day that are not loaded with carbs and sugar!

4.     4. Watch a couple of YouTube videos. Changing your focus from your workload to something entertaining can help you feel more alert. Yes, that includes cat videos.

5.     5. Feel minty fresh. Pop a mint or chew on some peppermint gum. This can give you a quick pick-me-up to get you through the rest of the day, and you’ll have great breath.

6.     6. DRINK WATER. Fatigue can be caused by dehydration. Reach for a cold glass of water instead of that soda, it will make you feel better and more refreshed.

Still feeling drowsy? You may just need to get more shut-eye. Try a different sleep schedule for two-weeks. Turn off all electronics an hour before bed and try not to stay up too late. These steps may seem small, but they will make a huge impact on your alertness and productivity. Sweet dreams!