A Look Back at Men's Health Month

Elderly Safety

Men’s Health Month: What Health Issues to Be Aware Of

What are the biggest health threats to men? There are major problems that rank high among men’s health issues: cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression, and diabetes are just a few of the areas that men need to have a health focus.

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Weekend Warriors Don’t Have to Be Weekend Wreckers

The Weekend is here and some men hit the outdoors for physical and some competitive exercise – such as cycling, climbing, or water sports. But guys should be careful that recreation doesn’t back to haunt their bodies.

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Want To Be a Healthy Guy? Some Important News for Men from the Medical World

It is well known that men on average do not live as long as women. Most of the articles of June’s Health target specific reasons as to why this is the case. This blog article illustrates a wider spectrum of the problems men face. Such as why it is dangerous to be a man. There are also physical and emotional situations that are more unique to men.

It also raises the point that men are not great patients. Read more about the problems men are facing.

The Myth of Invincibility: Why and When Men Should Go to the Doctor

Being too tough or too stubborn – those are some reasons people make as to why men are not going to the doctor more often. Yet it is very vital for preventive care. When should men visit the doctor? What screenings should they schedule? Even when not to go to the clinic? This article aims to answer these questions.

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Talk Like a Man: The Language of Mental Health

Men’s health should not be reserved to simply talking about physical health. As a population we are learning more and more that we need to focus on mental health. Six million men suffer from depression and men are four times as likely to die from suicide.

Find ways to help address mental health and depression.

3 Practical Steps to Conquer Your Dad Bod

The Dad Bod is when men have a little larger waist line. But there are ways to help trim down slightly and help get better health in the process. It can be simple cuts during the day like avoiding a soda or having a single patty hamburger. Even just walking farther at work or at the store.

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The 5 R’s of a Healthy Lifestyle

Take everything previously combined to get a strong snapshot of where men need to focus. But now, how do you enact the approach to living healthy. This article does just that by using the 5 R’s: Refuel, Regenerate, Relax, Rest and Regulate.

Dig deeper into the 5 R’s and on how to incorporate them into your lives.