Miss Rodeo Utah Teams Up With Intermountain Healthcare to Kick Cancer

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Cancer affects almost every family at some point, and McKenna Hales is no different. When McKenna was in high school, her aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her diagnosis and treatment was a trying time in McKenna’s life, and the lives of her family members, but they stood together throughout the treatment process toward a happy outcome.

Kickin’ Cancer

McKenna’s aunt is now in remission, and McKenna herself has been crowned Miss Rodeo Utah. She has chosen cancer screening and prevention as her platform. As Miss Rodeo Utah, she is traveling around the state spreading the word about just how important early cancer detection is. Rodeo by rodeo, town by town, McKenna Hales is sharing her message: let’s kick cancer.

McKenna Hales has partnered with Intermountain Healthcare to help raise awareness about cancer screening and prevention.

Cancer Resources

If you have any questions about cancer prevention, screening, or treatment, talk to your physician or visit intermountainhealthcare.org/cancer. Other resources include:

For more information about the Miss Rodeo Utah program, visit missrodeoutah.org