How to Choose Healthy and Convenient Summer Foods for Kids

Healthy Summer Food for Kids

The biggest barrier to healthy eating — for ourselves and our kids — is convenience. Junk food can be the fastest and easiest option if we don’t plan ahead for healthy snacks.

The secret is to create the habit of healthy eating — and to plan ahead by buying and preparing healthier options. Getting kids to try new foods is no easy task, but modeling healthy eating and preparing fun, convenient, and healthy snacks is a good way to create the right habits.

Convenience is Key

We’re all likely to reach for the easiest thing to grab, so the first step is to make healthier choices the most convenient.

  • Don’t buy salty chips and high-calorie junk foods at the grocery store
  • Put easy-to-eat fresh fruits, meats, cheeses, etc., in the fridge and your kid’s backpack

You can also create easy and delicious treats your kids can help prepare. Here are some easy and fun ideas:

  • Fruit and cheese kabobs. Finger foods are always a great way to go for kids. Try adding fresh mozzarella chunks and various fruits for a great combination of protein and nutrients.
  • Greek yogurt and berry parfait. This simple and tasty option packs a protein punch. Layer fruits like bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi with Greek yogurt.
  • Frozen Chocolate banana popsicles. This is a perfect summertime dessert your kids can even help create. Try adding nuts for a dose of healthy fats and protein.