New Ways and Places to Hike and Bike in Utah


Intermountain Healthcare created the Healthy Hikes and Rides website and app in 2015 and has been expanding ever since to include more features and trails. Here are new additions to help you find your trail.

Expanded Trials

Over a hundred new trails have been added so far in 2017 in the Healthy Hikes and Rides. Every trail information synopsis shows photos throughout the trail, directions and maps to trailheads, elevation gains, terrain, and GPS download to use with particular devices to help with wayfinding.

The Healthy Hikes and Rides can be found on Intermountain’s Health Hub app. So you can get the information at any time. You can find hidden treasures such as Jack’s Mountain or tackle iconic trails such as Angel’s Landing.

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Utah has become a mecca of mountain biking including Moab and high up the Wasatch Front.  A new feature has incorporated trails for bikes for people to explore. These trails can be paved or dirt, flat or major climbs, and skill can find a trail.

There are over a hundred trails listed so far for biking enthusiasts and a dozen solely for mountain bike trails. The distances vary to a few miles up to the 44 mile loop of The Land of Standing Rocks in Canyonlands National Park.

The bike trails provide the same information as the hike trails with maps, detailed description of the terrain and path, precautions and rules and regulations.

Wheelchair Accessible Trails

One of the newer updates has been identifying trails that people assisted with wheelchairs can use. There are several options based on the hiker’s limitations: partial or fully accessible and if the person needs assistance of someone.

There are numerous paved trails through the Beehive State including areas such as Big Cottonwood Canyon, Davis Wetlands, and the Colorado River in Moab.

Age Groups

Along with a difficulty level description, from easy to strenuous, there is also kid-friendly search feature. Users can filter out any trails to provide a comprehensive list to involve children of all ages to participate.

This includes bike and hiking trails too. There are numerous trails that children will be fine getting out on and this is spread throughout the state as well.

For more information, visit the Intermountain LiVe Well Healthy Hikes and Rides website.