Exercising in Colder Months When It's Dark All the Time

How to Exercise in Colder Months

The coming of winter means more dark hours in your day. You might even start your day by heading to work in the dark, and returning home when it’s dark outside. This means that many of your non-work hours are spent in the dark. Not a great thing when you want to exercise regularly. You might not feel motivated to work out at all when it always feels cold and dark. If this is something you’re dreading this coming winter, it’s time to think about some solutions so you can keep your workout regime.

Do it anyway

No, it’s not a solution that will feel easy all the time. But, telling yourself that you’re going to work out no matter what, might be the only way to keep yourself on track. Make a commitment to yourself, and reward yourself when you keep that commitment. Remember, you aren’t the only one who is struggling to make it to the gym. Try these tips for working out during the cold winter months.

Evaluate your clothing choices

The weather might not be ideal. In winter everything is dark and cold. Instead of freezing your way through your workout, check that your gym clothes are appropriate for winter. Even if you have the right clothes, getting something new to add to your fitness clothing choices might help keep things fresh and motivating. Keep in mind that if you’re exercising outdoors in the dark, you’ll need clothing that is reflective for safety. During the winter, it’s also best to layer your clothing, so you can easily strip off (or add on) another layer.

Move indoors

It might not be your preferred place to exercise, but moving your workouts indoors will keep you on track for those mornings when blizzards rage outside. Get a gym membership if that’s motivating for you. If not, think of ways to workout at home. You can find a plethora of free workouts online –– pop in an exercise video, or even use apps that help you get a workout done in under 7 minutes.

Find a workout buddy

When you’re struggling to find motivation for exercise in winter months, a workout buddy might just be the answer. It’s a lot harder to cancel your workout when you know you have a friend waiting. It also makes exercise a much more enjoyable and social time.

Utilize sunny hours

There are not a lot of sunny hours in the winter time. Make sure you’re using them to their fullest. Go for a walk or hike on the weekend. Get outside for a quick run during your lunch hour. Just knowing that there’s not a lot of sunny time can help motivate you to get outside for workout when the sun is shining.

Just because it’s cold and dark doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising. Being aware of the challenges and having some solutions will keep you in your healthy habits all year long.