Intermountain Healthcare announces a new Mission, Vision, and Values Statement that Reflects an Expanded Role in Transforming Healthcare


We are pleased to announce a new mission statement for Intermountain Healthcare: Helping people live the healthiest lives possible. After thoughtful deliberation the Board approved this new Mission as a clear, memorable, and aspirational expression of what people most value and want from a healthcare organization, and of what our organization is uniquely positioned to provide.  At Intermountain, we have the knowledge, talent, resources, and opportunity to help people create healthy lives and to help restore them to health when illness or injury occurs. 

Why change our Mission, Vision, and Values statement? Over the past four decades, Intermountain’s guiding documents have reflected our learning, growth, and our expanding influence. In 1975, we began as a system of community hospitals focused on the delivery of healthcare in our hospitals. In those earliest days—when the leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gifted its hospitals to create a secular, not-for-profit organization—it charged the founders of Intermountain to create “a model healthcare system,” which continues to be part of our Vision. Our most recent mission statement, “Excellence in the provision of healthcare services to communities in the Intermountain West,” reflected that role and helped set the stage for our nationally acclaimed work in Clinical Programs and delivering evidence-based care. We’ve built on the strong legacy of delivering excellent, high-quality clinical care at affordable costs—and we’ve worked toward creating a model others could follow. Utah has hospital charges among the lowest in the nation, and quality that ranks among the highest. 

We are now focusing even more strongly on prevention and wellness, on shared-decision making with our patients, and on using our resources and technology to help patients enjoy their lives without needing our hospitals and clinics, if possible. Our new Mission reflects that expanded role—it describes “why we exist.” We’ve also incorporated new language into our Vision and Values to better define “what we aspire to do and be” (our Vision) and “what shapes our behavior” (our Values). You’ll see that we’ve added an additional value: Integrity, which expresses our commitment to always seek to do the right things for those we serve.