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What is Immunotherapy?

What is Immunotherapy?

By Bonnie Char Hallman

Dec 7, 2016

Updated Jul 13, 2023

5 min read


By stimulating the immune system, physicians are able to do one of three things:

  1. Allow the immune system to work harder in attacking cancer cells
  2. Boost immune system with various man-made components to better fight
  3. Train immune system to only attack cancer cells

At Intermountain Healthcare, we currently deliver approved immunotherapies. In addition, we are investing in the future with regard to research and development through the cancer immunotherapy program. “A handful of immunotherapies have been approved for years for certain types of cancer,” said Dr. Rhodes. “However, Intermountain Healthcare has been instrumental in building a program that will provide additional research and clinical trials to cancer patients.”

One of the objectives in immuno-oncology is to help tailor more treatment therapies targeted to work with the body’s immune system for a positive outcome and provide clinical trial opportunities to as many cancer patients as possible!

For more information, visit Intermountain Precision Genomics.