Treatments and Clinical Trials for COVID-19

Investigational Treatments

Intermountain is a learning healthcare system. By making investigational treatment options available in addition to best-practice supportive care, Intermountain hopes to help more people recover while also learning which treatments are effective.

Clinical Trials Provide Answers

The only way to truly know whether a drug or treatment is effective for a particular illness or disease and safe for broad use, is through the controlled setting of clinical trials.  Clinical trials are critical to finding ways to improve outcomes and reduce the human costs of pandemics such as COVID-19. Several medications that are FDA-approved for other conditions have received a lot of attention for their potential to treat COVID-19. However, medical studies have not yet confirmed whether these treatments help or harm patients. 

Clinical Trials Provide Access to Medications

The Food and Drug Administration, World Health Organization, and other organizations recommend that access to these unproven medications is best provided through clinical trials. Clinical trials ensure that patients are provided accurate information about the risks and potential benefits. Trials also help protect access to these medications, which are now in critical shortage, for patients who need them for other conditions.

Clinical Trials Protect Patient Safety

Clinical trials not only provide answers to the question of whether treatments work, but also determine the safety of these treatments for broad use, while using careful monitoring to allow for rapid intervention and protection of patients.

Clinical Trials Engage the Community

This is a challenging and alarming time for patients and healthcare providers. Clinicians sometimes face pressure to prescribe these medications even though we don’t have evidence that they work. COVID-19 experts and leaders at Intermountain Healthcare and the University of Utah are working together with the Governor’s COVID-19 task force to launch clinical trials that provide access to these medications for Utahns in a safe way that will also help us to know how best to care for patients in the future.

We are therefore grateful for the opportunity to participate in the society-wide effort to beat COVID-19 through the development of high-quality clinical trials for patients with COVID-19.

Information about current COVID-19 clinical trials will be updated below: