The Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Core Curriculum Review will take place September 7-9, 2024. 


This program is designed to provide a comprehensive review of the core information required for surgeons preparing for the competency written examination to qualify to practice Cardiovascular & Thoracic surgery. This course is also intended to serve board-certified physicians preparing to re-certify. Sixty-four subjects are reviewed in rapid-fire, concise lectures supplemented by visual projections. The lectures are preceded and followed by test questions. An interactive teaching system is used to provide immediate assessment of deficiency in knowledge, to allow the participant to later focus supplemental study in areas of weakness. Two question books, an extensive review syllabus, and an electronic download are provided with information abstracted from the leading textbooks of thoracic and cardiac surgery. This course is hard work and only for those sincerely interested in an overview of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery. The course conforms to the basic curriculum in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery recommended by the Thoracic Surgery Directors Association.

The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive review of the core information required for surgeons preparing for the written competency examination to qualify for certification in Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery. The goal of this course is to help participants identify strengths and weaknesses in their fund of knowledge and support their preparation for the qualifying examination.

Core Review: Boards Preparation

Core Review: Preparing to Re-Certify


Core Review: Testimonial Impressions


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