The Intermountain Difference

What Sets Us Apart

Sleeping well is an important piece to living a healthy life. Intermountain Healthcare offers a complete multi-layered plan to understand your sleep situation and choose the best course of action for managing sleep problems and disorders.

Complete medical team

One location for all appointments

Multiple treatment options offered

Sleep Medicine Conditions & Treatments

A Care Team Centered Around You

Advanced Practice Provider (APP)

Your Advanced Practice Provider (APP) plays a key role in your journey.

An Advanced Practice Provider (APP) is a Physician’s Assistant (PA) or a Nurse Practitioner (NP) that specializes in sleep medicine and helps to manage your care.

Primary Care Doctor

Your Primary Care Doctor plays a key role in your journey.

Your primary care doctor will refer you to a sleep specialist team if they feel you need further testing and a more in-depth treatment plan.

Sleep Physician

Your Sleep Physician plays a key role in your journey.

A Sleep Physician specializes in sleep disorders and will lead your care team in finding the right treatment plan for you.

Sleep Psychologist

Your Sleep Psychologist plays a key role in your journey.

A Sleep Psychologist focuses on behavioral treatments for sleep disorders.

Sleep Technologist

Your Sleep Technologist plays a key role in your journey.

Our Sleep Technologist will help prepare the equipment for your sleep study and educates you on how to use your machine at home.

Referring Providers

Our sleep management team has an extensive program ready to further direct your patient by creating a treatment plan using our comprehensive approach. When you choose Intermountain Healthcare sleep specialists, we are committed to providing your patient with the highest level of care.

Expanded Care

Intermountain Healthcare offers expanded services outside the hospital including Telehealth, Genomics, and Homecare. Within Intermountain’s continuum of care, these services play a key role in allowing patients to receive the best care possible in a variety of settings and circumstances.


Bringing Intermountain Healthcare to you at home.

Bringing Our Expertise To You

Homecare’s clinicians are specifically trained to deliver care in the home environment and utilize other Intermountain services as needed for the patient’s treatment.

Helping You Heal at Home

Intermountain Homecare brings support and treatment to patients allowing them to be in the environment where they want to be, in their own home.