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We service all five pillars of oncology (also known as cancer) including diagnoses, treatment, preventions/screening, research, and survivorship. From breast cancer to lung cancer and throughout stages 1, 2, and 3, our experienced team of experts provide quality care for all our patients.

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A Care Team Centered Around You


Your Caregiver plays a key role in your journey.

A family member, friend, or paid helper who is responsible for physical and emotional support throughout the cancer care process.


Your Dietitian plays a key role in your journey.

As part of the cancer care team, a Registered Dietitian provides medical nutrition therapy for patients during all phases of treatment. Dietitians help patients by identifying nutritional impacts, prescribing nutrition interventions, providing education and monitoring nutritional status. Talk to your provider about setting up an appointment with a dietitian.


Financial Advocate

Your Financial Advocate plays a key role in your journey.

Financial advocates often help patients understand their out of pocket expenses and what their health insurance plans may cover. Financial advocates may also help patients set up payment plans, find cost saving methods for treatment and improve access to health care services the patient.

Genetic Counselor

Your Genetic Counselor plays a key role in your journey.

If cancer seems to run in your family you may have an increased risk of cancer. Genetic counselors can help determine if there is a genetic reason for the occurrence of cancer in a family. They can discuss the benefits and limitations of seeking genetic testing.

Nurse Navigator

Your Nurse Navigator plays a key role in your journey.

Our nurse navigators help with disease and treatment education, coordinating your care, and general problem-solving. Their goal is to provide the best care possible to patients and families throughout their cancer journey.


Your Provider plays a key role in your journey.

A person qualified to practice medicine who is responsible for diagnosing your symptoms, designing and managing your treatment plan, and providing counsel throughout the cancer care process.

Social Worker

Your Social Worker plays a key role in your journey.

Social Workers can help you cope with cancer and support you as you deal with the psychological and social concerns you face through diagnosis, treatment and remission. 

Treatment Nurse

Your Treatment Nurse plays a key role in your journey.

A treatment nurse gives instructions during treatment and can help you handle concerns about treatment therapies and any possible side effects.

Expanded Care

Intermountain Healthcare offers expanded services outside the hospital including Telehealth, Genomics, and Homecare. Within Intermountain’s continuum of care, these services play a key role in allowing patients to receive the best care possible in a variety of settings and circumstances.


High quality care for patients, no matter where they are.

Bringing Specialists to our Community

We use telehealth technology to bring specialty knowledge to clinical teams, and provide access to care when, where, and how our patients need it.  

Keeping Patients Close to Home

Intermountain Telehealth brings Intermountain’s world-class experts to patients, no matter where they are, so they can receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time.