Dr. Seung Yoon (Celine) Lee is originally from Seoul, South Korea. After earning her medical degree at Korea University in 2002, she completed her dermatology residency and initially worked as a board-certified dermatologist for several years. Highly interested in various rheumatic diseases she encountered while working as a dermatologist, she decided to move to USA to further specialize in rheumatology. She completed her internal medicine residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and her rheumatology fellowship at UCLA in Los Angeles, California. Thanks to her background of dermatology, she has been highly involved in treating rheumatic skin diseases during her rheumatology fellowship.

She has been active in research throughout her career. She has published multiple scientific papers and was awarded for her research in both dermatology and rheumatology fields. The latest research she conducted at UCLA, focused on developing a new technology to detect gout crystals, was published in a Nature journal, and she is one of the patent holders of this technology.

She and her husband moved to Salt Lake City to join Intermountain Healthcare. They are very excited about living in Salt Lake. In their spare time, they enjoy hiking, biking, camping and observing the night sky using their amateur telescope.