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Mount Saint Vincent

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Mount Saint Vincent

Mount Saint Vincent offers pediatric behavioral health, community preschool, and foster care located in Denver, CO.

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4159 Lowell Boulevard, Denver, CO
Pediatric behavioral health

A partnership with children and families ensuring the best outcomes through outpatient therapy, in-home therapy as well as day treatment and education to reintegrate children back to their schools.

Community Preschool

An early learning center serving all children and earning five out of five stars with the quality rating agency, Colorado Shines. Providing early prevention and identification of services

Foster care

A comprehensive program featuring training, certification and individualized support to foster families while providing 24/7 care to children who cannot remain in their homes of origin

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Preparing to Become a Foster Parent

FREE Webinar 8/27/24 at 12PM


A story of hope

Mount Saint Vincent provides a community preschool, pediatric behavioral healthcare, foster care services, individualized education, and trauma-informed training — all focused on children and families. Our innovative programs help children reach their full potential within their homes, schools and communities.

With our focus on trauma therapy, we have been changing the lives of children for almost 140 years. Our focus has also made us a highly regarded human-services agency in Colorado. We attribute this accomplishment to our compassionate, experienced and dedicated caregivers. Utilizing therapeutic interventions across a continuum of care, their evaluations and assessments place children and families within the most effective treatment plans.

We heal our special children with the most advanced therapeutic techniques. In addition, we use alternative therapies such as art, animal-assisted, movement and music, to gently uncover the trauma stories that younger children often cannot verbalize.

When children come to Mount Saint Vincent for pediatric behavioral healthcare, they have endured heartbreak and tragedy. With treatment, patience and nurturing care, our mission is as relevant today as it was 140 years ago—to help them heal beyond trauma into a healthy and hopeful future.

Changing children's lives