The physical therapists and speech-language pathologists of the Intermountain Medical Center Nuerosciences Institute outpatient clinic offer a wide range of physical and speech therapy services. When you come to our clinic for help, you'll meet with therapists who've completed advanced training and who can provide you with expert, personalized, gentle care. Your individual treatment plan will help you feel better and get back to life. 

Our physical therapists treat many different kinds of pain, including pain caused by accidents and long-term, chronic pain. They also specialize in helping patients recover and regain function after an accident or surgery. Our team includes experts in hearing and balance disorders as well. Plus we can provide physical therapy care for prenatal and postpartum mothers.

Our speech-language pathologists can help you with all kinds of swallowing, speech and voice disorders that can be a result of neurologically-related illnesses, conditions, and injuries. 



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