Intermountain Cancer Centers' orthopedic oncology program is highly specialized in treating tumors and tumor-like conditions affecting bone, muscle, fat, and connective tissue. We treat bone cancers and related conditions in both children and adults. 

We perform surgery when needed to either remove the tumor or stabilize the bone affected by the tumor. We also provide nonoperative treatments for tumors that don't require surgery.

Our team includes medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons, and primary care doctors. We meet together frequently to discuss individual cases so that each of our patients gets a treatment customized to their unique needs.

Conditions We Treat

The most common conditions we treat are metastatic cancers — cancers that have spread from their primary location, especially breast, lung, prostate, kidney and thyroid — as well as multiple myeloma, lymphoma to bone or soft tissues, osteosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma, chondrosarcoma, and soft tissue sarcomas. We also treat bone cysts, giant cell tumors, osteoid osteomas, osteochondromas, enchondromas, nonossifying fibromas, chondroblastomas, fibrous dysplasia, lipomas, and hemangiomas.

How We Compare

Intermountain Cancer Centers treat 87 percent of all sarcoma patients in Utah each year, far more than all other health systems combined.