Each year thousands of people donate bone marrow to save the life of someone they love. Hundreds more donate to save someone they do not even know. Donors can potentially donate multiple times without long-term complications or side effects.

For the best chance of transplant success, both the patient and the donor must have a similar “tissue type.” Finding a suitable match is not easy. Siblings are much more likely to have the same tissue type than any other relative or unrelated person. Seventy percent of patients who need a transplant do not have a suitable donor in their family.

To find out if you are possible donor for a loved one, a simple blood test can be performed. If you’re not a good match for your loved one, don’t give up. Please consider joining the National Marrow Donor Program and become a potential donor for people in need around the world.

Donor Insurance Coverage

The patient and/or their insurance company typically cover all medical costs for the donor and the donation procedure. For a donor not related to the patient, the only “costs" might be time taken off from work. Unrelated non-medical costs for the donor are included in the cost paid to the National Marrow Donor Program, including travel. A related donor would usually cover their charges for travel, housing and any non-medical costs associated with the donation process. Our finance coordinator can assist in attempting to get additional funding to help cover these donor costs if necessary.