On April 17th Logan Clinic was presented with the Engaged Team Award for 2017. This award is given to a Medical Group team that exemplifies engagement and excellence in cost reduction strategies, improvement of operational and financial performance, clinical improvement strategies, and significant improvement in scorecard measures.

Kris Larsen, Assistant Operations Officer, submitted the nomination for the Team Award saying the clinic caregivers are all highly engaged. This team was one of the earliest adopters of the huddle board in the area. They saw the value in meeting each day to discuss patients and their safety. Kris said that every clinic should have the same attitude as the Logan Clinic when it comes to access. When they were asked to extend hours, the providers decided to survey the patients to understand their preferences. When the results came back, to accommodate their preferences, each physician chose one day to come in from 7-8am and one day to come in from 5-6pm, and they have a physician cover lunch every day. They did not complain, and acted quickly. Because the physicians led, the caregivers at the clinic were quick to align to the new schedule. Logan Clinic was one of the first clinics in the Medical Group with extended hours. Melanie Clark, Practice Manager, states: “When we have changes like this, everyone just does it. We jump in and do the work.”

They had 100% scanning rate in March, and have remained in the 98-100% range since the change. Their attitude is “why wouldn’t we want to be the best clinic that there is?"

Logan Clinic Team Members include:

  • Melanie Clark, Practice Manager
  • Brian Carlson, MD
  • Thomas Clark, MD
  • Brad Goates, MD
  • Daniel Sharp, MD
  • Linda Hicken, Care Manager
  • Diane Jones, Care Guide
  • Tosha Archibald, MA
  • Diane Brazfield, MA
  • Tiffany Burbank, MA
  • Becky Ewing, PSR
  • Adree Hanke, PSR
  • Tyler Christensen, Psychologist
  • Angela Martinez, Social Worker
  • Grant Cefalo, Dietician
  • Jana Hansen, MA
  • Julie Henderson, MA
  • Jackie Lopez, MA
  • Kaylin Mitton, MA
  • Brenda Olsen, MA
  • Kyra Peterson, MA
  • Estela Ramirez Rivera, MA
  • Kelsey Stott, MA
  • Lindsey Wilhelm, PSR