As a not-for-profit system of hospitals and clinics, Intermountain Healthcare has a responsibility to provide beneficial services to the community, particularly to those who cannot afford health services. We have a community outreach program to help educate the community about available health services.

Community Benefit Goals

  • Improve the prevention, detection, and treatment of chronic diseases associated with weight and unhealthy behaviors.
  • Improve access to comprehensive, high-quality healthcare services for low-income populations.
  • Improve access to appropriate behavioral health services for low-income populations.

Community Programs

Senior Health Connection

The Senior Health Connection is a program designed to provide educational opportunities to seniors of Weber County and to help increase the seniors comfort level with McKay Dee Hospital. The program provides monthly education in the Senior Centers of Weber County, Monthly Newsletter and 3 – 4 lectures followed by activities at the hospital each year.

Women’s Health Connection

The Women’s Health Connection event targets uninsured women in Weber County and provides an opportunity for them to access free or low cost medical care and to establish a medical home with Midtown Community Health Center.

At the two-day event, women can receive any or all of the following:

  • Dental Screening and referral for treatment
  • Mental Health Screening and referral for treatment
  • Physical Health exam including pap smear and referral for additional treatment if needed
  • Referral to McKay Dee Hospital for a free screening or diagnostic mammogram if ordered by primary care provider
  • Skin Cancer screening
  • Access to pharmacy medications as needed for conditions diagnosed during the event

Children’s Health Connection and Dental Days

Children’s Health Connection has transitioned from a once per year event for children to a medical home model whereby the child can receive a free well child visit at Midtown CHC and then will have MCHC as their medical home to ensure care and continuity of care is received.

Healthy Moms

The Healthy Moms Task Force meets monthly to address substance abuse prevention and treatment, primarily for those women of childbearing age and their children. The program provides scholarships for treatment for women, a program for children of women in treatment, and conference support to address and train providers on the issues of drug-endangered children and supports the Prevention and Recovery Days event every September.

NUHOPE Suicide Prevention

The NUHOPE (Northern Utah Hold On Persuade Empower) coalition addresses suicide issues in Weber and Davis Counties. NUHOPE is a group consisting primarily of community volunteers that supports suicide survivors through a support group and staffing events. They also promote suicide prevention education through HOPE Squads, community-based suicide prevention education, and community events like the Suicide Awareness Walk and Suicide Prevention Town Hall Meetings.