Over the past 100 years, McKay-Dee Hospital Center has become much more than just an ordinary facility. The hours spent, the lives dedicated, and all that has been invested have truly made this hospital the memorial the Dee family always intended it to be.

Mckay-Dee Moments


Chapter 1: A Family Remembers

The original Thomas D. Dee Memorial Hospital at 24th Street and Harrison Boulevard in Ogden passed into history as an institution of healing on July 12, 1969.

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Chapter 2: The Formative Years

The Thomas D. Dee Memorial Hospital Association was incorporated February 3, 1910, with Mrs. Dee as president and Maude Dee Porter as secretary.

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Chapter 3: Change and Growth

LDS Church Presiding Bishop, LeGrand Richards, chairman of the Hospital's Board of Trustees, decided a change in management philosophy was indicated.

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Chapter 4: A New Dee is Born

With construction underway, the original hospital began to prepare for the advent of Medicare.

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Chapter 5: The Intermountain Healthcare Years

The LDS Church made headlines in September, 1974, with the announcement that it was giving its $60 million chain of 15 hospitals to the communities they served.

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Chapter 6: Dee Hospital School of Nursing

Two days after the original Thomas D. Dee Memorial Hospital opened on December 29, 1910, 15 patients were transferred from the Ogden General Hospital.

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Chapter 7: Into the 21st Century

Read about significant events from Mckay-Dee Hospital's history from the 1970's to today.