Teamwork is vital when treating cancer. At the McKay-Dee Hospital Cancer Center we hold weekly cancer conferences to plan new patients’ treatments. Treating specialists, technicians and healthcare professionals meet together to discuss each new cancer patient individually, along with their proposed treatment plans. Each assesses the diagnosis and health of the patient, then makes a recommendation. The collaborative effort of the specialists creates a patient-centered approach and the highest quality care possible.

Occasionally, ongoing complex cases will be discussed in the cancer conferences, too, if an adjustment is necessary in the patient’s treatment plan. The entire health of the patient and progression is taken into consideration during the cancer conference before a decision is reached.

After an appropriate treatment plan is made or modified, the patient is scheduled for a multidisciplinary clinic appointment where each of the treating specialists will be present.

These weekly cancer conferences are not only a big part of the success of the cancer program at McKay-Dee Hospital, but also a requirement of the American College of Surgeons’ cancer program accreditation. Only a small percentage of cancer programs throughout the country live up to the standards required for this accreditation.