Palliative Care

At the McKay-Dee Hospital Cancer Center, we use palliative care to reduce suffering, improve the quality of life and support the cancer patient during and after treatment. Palliative care is also used to help cancer patients find relief and comfort in the advanced stages of their cancer. This can be done with medication, nutrition planning, massage and exercise therapy.

There are usually several healthcare professionals involved in a palliative care team. We have palliative care doctors, nurses, social workers, nutritionists and exercise therapists to help alleviate the pain, symptoms and anxiety associated with cancer and its treatment. Palliative care is provided to individuals who are currently seeking a cure for their cancer, as well as to those simply trying to manage pain and symptoms.

Palliative care is instrumental in cancer recovery by giving relief from side effects and allowing the body to heal. Hospice centers also use it to help patients feel comfortable and improve the quality of life while in hospice. Palliative care is for patients of any age and any stage of cancer seeking relief from side effects and symptoms of treatment.

Hospice Care

Though most cancers are now treatable, unfortunately, there are still a few that can’t be cured. In these cases our patients often choose hospice care. Hospice is a form of palliative care that involves doctors, nurses, physical therapists and social workers helping the patient get the most out of the last few months of life. Hospice is available in our care facilities as well as in a person’s home. The goal is to provide relief of symptoms and pain for the patient while improving the quality of remaining life.