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Download the application for the Child Life Practicum at McKay-Dee Hospital.

The Child Life Practicum experience at Intermountain McKay-Dee Hospital provides students the opportunity to become more familiar with the discipline of Child Life by providing opportunities to learn about children’s reactions to hospitalization, encouraging the development of observation skills with individuals and groups, providing a supportive environment to integrate theory into clinical practice, enhancing the student’s experience with planning activities and helping to develop professional communication skills.

The practicum program is offered as an 8-hour per week, one semester practicum totaling 120 hours. Students will complete these hours in two, 4-hour shifts per week. This is a non-paid practicum that prepares students for a child life internship. 

Goals and Objectives

  • To become more familiar with the child life profession.
  • To integrate theory and research into practice.
  • To understand the value of play in the health care setting and increase the student’s skills in facilitating therapeutic play through planning group and individual activities.
  • To recognize the developmental, psychosocial, and medical needs of patients and families and how those needs are incorporated into goals.
  • To recognize and understand patient’s and family’s reactions to stress, illness, and pain.
  • To develop communication skills with patients, families and other health care professionals.
  • To recognize the importance of working with the interdisciplinary team.
  • To continue to develop professional maturity, judgment and attitude.
  • To set goals and evaluate performance.

Child Life Practicum Pre-requisites

  • Current enrollment as a student at a college or university
  • Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • Successful completion of a minimum of 15 hours of course work in areas relating to Child Life (ie. child development, family studies), with at least a B- in each class
  • 50 documented hours of experience working with children and families, preferably in a hospital or healthcare related environment (as a student, volunteer, or employee).

Application Requirements

  • Completed Face Sheet, Application, and Questionnaire (typed)
  • A professional resumé
  • Unofficial College or University transcript(s) verifying enrollment and completion of required courses from ALL post-high school institutions
  • Two letters of recommendation from academic professors, direct supervisors, or other professionals who have first-hand knowledge of your work with children and families. Each letter needs to be printed on professional letterhead, enclosed in a sealed envelope, and signed by the author across the back flap.
  • Verification of 50 hours worked with children and families. This should be printed on professional letterhead and signed by the direct supervisor(s)


Download the application for the Child Life Practicum at McKay-Dee Hospital.

Please mail complete applications to:

McKay-Dee Hospital
Child Life Department
4401 Harrison Blvd 
Ogden, UT 84403
Practicum Session Application Date Offer Date  Acceptance Date
Fall Practicum 2020 March 15th, 2020 May 5th, 2020  May 6th, 2020
Winter/Spring Practicum 2021 September 5th, 2021 October 8th, 2021  October 9th, 2021

Late or incomplete application packets will not be reviewed. All applications must be post marked by the application deadline and received within 5 days of the deadline. Once received, all applications will be thoroughly reviewed. Those individuals who qualify for an interview will be contacted by phone within two weeks of the application deadline. To ensure the most positive and productive fieldwork experience for all, the Child Life team will evaluate, select, and place only those students who exemplify the philosophy and goals of the Child Life Program at McKay-Dee Hospital. 

Those applicants who do not meet the requirements will be contacted by mail. All applicants are strongly encouraged to apply to other sites, as spaces are limited. Other sites available within the intermountain system are: Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT and Utah Valley Hospital in Provo, UT.

Being invited for an interview does not guarantee acceptance to the practicum program. If applicants are not local, then interviews will be completed via phone or video conferencing. 

Please call 801-387-4226 with any questions regarding our practicum program or your application.