Highly-trained and caring staff members are with a laboring mother from the time she arrives in Labor & Delivery until she is comfortably recovering in one of our spacious suites. Our top priority is to help a mother have the kind of birth experience she wants and to ensure the baby arrives safely.

We also have two surgical suites in Labor & Delivery at McKay-Dee Hospital if you are planning a cesarean delivery or postpartum tubal ligation (“tube tying”), or for moms who are considered a "high-risk" delivery such as those delivering multiple babies. Our goal is to provide supportive care and help you experience an individualized birthing process.

We encourage you to use our Mother’s Choice Birthing Plan to identify your personal birthing desires and discuss preferences with your physician or midwife. Once you have developed your birthing plan, ask your doctor or midwife to keep a copy in your chart and provide a copy to our staff. We will strive to honor your birthing plan while providing the safest care for your baby.