Allergy & Immunology

Our Allergy/Immunology Department provides consultation, testing, treatment and continuing care for allergies and allergic conditions, as well as testing and treatment for disorders of the immune system.

A male physician gives an ear exam to an older male patient


Audiology addresses patients' hearing needs with advanced testing for all ages from newborn to seniors.



Dermatology at Memorial Clinic treats diseases of the skin, hair, and nails.


Ear, Nose & Throat

Our Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) physicians diagnose and provide medical and/or surgical therapy for diseases and conditions of the head and neck.


Family Medicine

Keeping your family healthy is our first priority. Regular checkups can help keep you healthy.

A female physician consults with a female patient in a clinic exam room


Gastroenterology (GI) physicians care for a wide range of diseases involved with the digestive system. 

Internal Medicine-man-with-Woman-pt

Internal Medicine

Our Internal Medicine physicians provide long-term, comprehensive care and manage both common and complex illnesses of adolescents, adults, and the elderly.

Mohs Surgery

Mohs Surgery

Mohs Surgery is a specialized treatment for skin cancer.

Peds-woman with boy


Our pediatricians specialize in healthcare from birth to young adulthood and provide comprehensive medical care for routine, acute and chronic medical conditions.


Physical Therapy

At Memorial Clinic, our Physical Therapy team consists of certified and experienced physical therapists can help you recover fully from injury or chronic pain.


Pulmonary Disease

Our Pulmonary department treats diseases of the lungs and airways. We offer a comprehensive range of services for patients with pulmonary conditions. 


Sleep Medicine

Our Sleep Medicine physicians diagnose and treat conditions that might affect your quality of sleep.


Sports Medicine

Sports medicine practitioners diagnose and care for sports-related conditions. We help you prevent and recover from injuries and maximize your physical function

All Services

Home Delivery

Intermountain's home delivery pharmacy delivers your medications to your home.


Immunizations, or vaccines, provide protection against diseases caused by infection.


KidsCare clinics offer after hours urgent pediatric care for minor emergencies.

Medication Therapy Management

Medication therapy management is provided by pharmacists to optimize drug therapy.

Online Refill

Online prescription refills allow you to order your prescriptions online.


Pharmacy services include home delivery, online refills, and specialty pharmacy.

Urgent Care

We offer urgent care services for urgent but non-life-threatening conditions.