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At the LiVe Well Center we take a comprehensive approach to treating osteoarthritis, including physical therapy, nutrition, stress management, exercise and surgical options. Our trained experts help you to manage and improve your arthritis symptoms to help you achieve the freedom and pain-free movement you want. Arthritis Services Physical Therapy Our therapists are trained in the care of those with arthritis and can help relieve your symptoms Water Therapy We offer aquatic exercise classes designed to help decrease pain and increase mobility for those with arthritis through buoyancy. Nutrition Counseling LiVe Well Center nutrition experts provide participants with individualized nutrition counseling to positively impact health and arthritic symptoms. Topics include, but are not limited to: Disease and weight management Decreasing inflammation through nutrition Reducing risk for chronic disease Ensuring we’re getting adequate energy and supporting physical activity ArthoFit Class Our ARTHROFIT exercise classes are available at various times each week. Each 60-minute class features three different types of exercises to help participants achieve better health and mobility


Learn why Jana chose to have her baby at Park City Hospital.

2021 baby

Just hours after the new year rang in, Summit County welcomed its first baby born at Park City Hospital.


Dr. Wing Province, Medical Director at Park City Hospital, gives a community update on Mountain Connections on April 30th, 2021.


America started to breathe a little easier once the first COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out. But experts warn that we still have a few more laps to run to beat the virus because of new variants entering the race. The Centers for Disease Control says that variants pose a threat that could reverse the improvements we’re seeing nationwide in new cases and hospitalizations.


The class is based on a program developed by Stanford University and held at various Intermountain Healthcare locations. Each location will hold its own six-week class. The day of the week that a class begins is the same day of the week that each subsequent class session will be held.

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Discover the latest healthcare breakthroughs from Intermountain Healthcare experts, through news and tips on medicine.


When Intermountain Healthcare deployed caregivers to help our peers in New York City during April’s COVID-19 surge, I was assigned to work on the northernmost tip of Manhattan at the Allen Hospital of NewYork-Presbyterian Health.

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After worsening symptoms, Tim went to the Intermountain Park City Emergency Department and was quickly flown to Intermountain Medical Center.


Learn why Brooke chose to have her baby at Park City Hospital.


Intermountain Park City Hospital received the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine Wednesday and started vaccinating healthcare workers the same day.

It was only through Lauren Ziaks commitment to following up with my care and her incredible knowledge and experience with concussions that she was able to look at pieces of a puzzle that did not seem to fit and understand how they fit for me.
Melissa Urban


Now that COVID-19 vaccines are making their way into the general community, many people are wondering which vaccine they should get when it’s their turn in line. The one that comes in one dose or two? 66 percent vs. 95 percent effective? One that uses mRNA or DNA?


Intermountain Healthcare is now offering COVID-19 vaccination appointments for individuals 12 and older throughout Utah.


Concierge service has long been considered an indispensable amenity at sophisticated hotels and resorts around the world.


The state health program recognizes Utah hospitals that have taken steps to promote, protect, educate, and encourage breastfeeding in their facilities and presented both hospitals with a plaque.

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Accidents happen and when they do your road to recovery starts at Park City Hospital. Our team of experts will provide options and treatment to get you back to feeling you’re best.

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On The Mountain Life, Brent Wursten, Emergency Room RN at Intermountain Healthcare, joins the show to provide some safety precautions when it comes to recreating in the mountains.

During the course of my visit I came into contact with more than fifty persons whom all shared similar levels of high motivation and job satisfaction which resulted in me receiving patient attention transcending the basic thresholds of patient care.
Frank M. Buselli

Learn about pregnancy, childbirth, newborns, new moms and breastfeeding in this self-paced online resource! Prerequisite to the Birth Basics Q & A - Virtual Course. Available online to families at any location.


Someone asked me the other day how things have changed since more and more people are getting the COVID-19 vaccine. The truth is, it’s night and day different. As the medical director of Infectious Diseases TeleHealth at Intermountain Healthcare, I’ve had a front-row seat to the devastation caused by the virus. In the past couple of months, we’ve seen fewer cases of serious illness and death. Our ICUs and other hospital units are feeling less stress.


Genomics can help to create personalized treatment plans for patients, as well as find serious hereditary diseases in families before problems get worse.

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Recommended for all patients undergoing total knee or hip replacement surgery.


Learn why Megan chose to have her baby at Park City Hospital.


KUTV — High blood pressure is very common. According to the Centers for Disease Control about half of Americans have high blood pressure.


My job is to make sure that we have the mental and physical resources available to support the community and caregiver needs.


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Learn if you are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in your state. Schedule your appointment online.