Park City Hospital (formerly Park City Medical Center) is the best possible place for Summit County residents and visitors to get emergency treatment. We offer a level of service not seen before in this area - on average we have a 10 minute or less waiting time once you enter the ER. In fact, this kind of service is rare for any hospital that serves a community of this size anywhere in the country.

Board-Certified Physicians

All the doctors in the Emergency Department are specially trained to handle any emergency, including serious trauma, heart attacks, strokes, and cases involving children. In fact, one of the physicians is also trained in pediatric emergency medicine, something rarely found outside of a pediatric hospital. All the emergency medicine physicians have practiced in Level I trauma hospitals, such as Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake County, which handle the most serious cases. That means the Emergency Department at Park City Hospital offers some of the highest possible level of care.


Park City Hospital is right around the corner from downtown Park City. The goal of clinicians is to see patients within minutes — not hours. In fact, when possible, doctors will greet you in the reception room and take you to an exam room personally, further streamlining the process.