Same-day Surgery and Endoscopy

If you need same-day surgery, you'll reap multiple benefits by having it performed close to home. Riverton Hospital's experienced and highly regarded surgical staff performs surgical procedures in specialty areas such as orthopedics, general surgery, OB/GYN, urology, plastic surgery, ENT, and ophthalmology. Our team of surgeons includes many who also practice at Intermountain Medical Center. Our surgical nurses have advanced certification to care for cardiac and pediatric patients. In 2015, more than 7,000 surgeries were performed at Riverton Hospital.

If you need a colonoscopy or an upper gastro-intestinal tract procedure, whether it's preventive or needed in an emergency, our staff is specially trained and ready to help. In 2015, we performed more than 5,000 endoscopic procedures. 

Our Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) and same-day surgery post-op recovery areas offer a comfortable place to recover and rest before you go home.

Our Surgical Specialties Include:

  • ENT – ears, nose & throat 
  • Cardiovascular – heart & blood vessels 
  • Oral/dental procedures 
  • Orthopedics – bones & joints, including total knee replacement 
  • Ophthalmology – eyes 
  • Pediatrics – children 
  • Podiatry – feet 
  • Plastics/Cosmetic surgery 
  • Oral/Dental procedures 
  • Gynecology – female reproductive 
  • General surgery 
  • Same Day Surgery

Great and Convenient Surgical Care

We offer excellent care for everyone — from knee surgery for weekend warriors and gynecological services for women, to orthopedic surgery for injured skateboarders and cataract repair for seniors — all right in your community. 

The Technology

Riverton’s five operating rooms are ultra-efficient and spacious, designed with today's technology in mind. Everything is suspended from the ceiling on gliding arms, clearing the floor so the surgical team has optimal room to move and work together.

The operating rooms also include high-tech imaging capabilities, which allow surgeons to see not only images of a surgical site before surgery, but updated images of these same areas during the procedure. This means each surgeon has a detailed, evolving look at the body’s organs and structures as they work, which leads to more precise treatment. 

Other Benefits of Riverton’s Surgical Services 

Seasoned staff. The overwhelming majority of our nurses and techs in the ORs and the medical/surgical unit have years of experience in a variety of settings. That’s a great benefit to our patients. 

Privacy. Our operating rooms and medical/surgical unit were designed to ensure as much privacy as possible for patients. We have a special patients-only hall to ensure privacy. Also, same-day surgery patients will have private rooms (not just a thin curtain) in which to prepare and recover from surgery. 

Minimally invasive techniques. Riverton also offers the very latest minimally-invasive techniques and tools, including endoscopy services.

Surgical Services at Riverton Hospital